Saipan Computer Services, Inc. (SCS) is a computer sales and services corporation established and registered in 1986 on Saipan, in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI). In 1994, the current owner/management team purchased and took over the operations of SCS, Inc.

Over the past 30 years, Saipan Computer Services has ably followed the global trends for computing, changing products, services and expertise as these become relevant and applicable to the local context. We believe our commitment to the local computing industry and our focus in the CNMI affords us a better grasp of the practical needs and demands of this market.

Aware of limitations brought about by the distance between the CNMI and the Continental US, we know the benefits of vertical support from the manufacturer all the way to the end user and only maintain industrial suppliers who will provide further assistance down the line. Procurement  concerns itself with offering reasonable products that bring a balance of affordability and usability geared towards the local market.

Our technical service department strives to be both a reliable reference for emerging technology, as well as, a consistent fallback in cases of inevitable equipment failure. Aside from performing essential daily back‐office duties, our support crew, also readily pitch in to contribute towards our thrust of customer support and satisfaction.

Our motto "Service beyond the sale..." best embodies the main thrust of this company. SCS takes pride in its personnel, customer base diversity, technical proficiency and inventory range and assortment. Over and above these, however, we take most pride in the service record we have with our customers and the CNMI.